Please Note, this page is for Current Students Only.
New student inquiries must contact the school office directly.

Hello !

As you have probably heard by now we are in the process of implementing a new registration and scheduling system. This new system is called Jackrabbit or simply JR for short. We are asking you to re-register into the class(es) you are currently taking. That way we will get all of your latest information. There is No Fee for re-registering!

We would like to start the online registration process now. Currently we are asking the students of the following instructors to register. Simply click on your instructor’s name below to view the list of classes he or she is teaching.

Bo Peng (violin)
Carole Davies (voice)
Cheryl Carruthers (voice)
Garth Preston (piano)
John Littlejohn (violin)
John Walsh (electric guitar, bass, double bass)
Julia Lattimer (violin)
Karen Nakajima (piano, trumpet, & music theory)
Kris Bowerman (percussion, trombone)
Louise Southwood (classical guitar & music theory)
Natasha Neufeld (voice)
Richard Klemm (percussion)
Sarah Westwick (violin)
Stan Taylor (drums, percussion)
Stephen Robb (clarinet, saxophone, & piano)
Suzanne Klukas (piano)
Tracy Neff (voice)

Clicking on your instructor’s name will take you to a table that lists the classes that your instructor is teaching this semester. If you are registered in a class your name should appear in the Description column. Simply click on the Register link for your class. This will take you to the registration form which is simply an online version of the paper form you completed at the beginning of the semester. Please answer as many questions as possible. Once you have successfully registered in your course your class session will be removed from the table of classes. If you have any questions, please call the office at: 604.946.1280 or email us at: We are always happy to help.

If, by some chance, you have looked at your instructor’s page and your name does not appear in the table or some of the information that directly affects you is incorrect AND you are sure that you have not registered in Jackrabbit, please use this registration form link to register. Then call the office (or email: and provide us with the following:

  • Your instructor’s name
  • The instrument you are learning
  • The day, time, and duration of your lesson

If you have successfully registered in Jackrabbit and you would like to access your account in the Parent Portal, simply click on this Parent Portal link. You may want to bookmark this link for future reference. As mentioned above, your User ID and password for the Parent Portal is the email address and password you entered on the registration form.