Are you new to DCMS? Or perhaps you’ve been here before but you aren’t sure of which instructors teach which instrument. Or, maybe it’s the other way around. You’ve been taking lessons with one instructor and for some reason you would like to know who else teaches the instrument you want to master.

Well, here is what you’ve been looking for, the 1st table associates an instrument with one of our great instructors. The 2nd table associates an instructor with the instrument(s) they teach. Enjoy!

Instrument Taught by Instructor(s)

This table lists all the instruments that are taught at DCMS (in alphabetic order).
Across from them is the instructor(s) that teach that instrument.
The 3rd column is a link to the instructor's currently available class times (for the Sep 2020 - Jun 2021 semester).
Bass & Double-bassJohn WalshJohn's Classes
CelloBo PengBo's Classes
ClarinetStephen RobbStephen's Classes
Drums & PercussionRick Klemm
Stan Taylor
Rick Klemm's Classes
Stan Taylor’s Classes
FlugelhornKaren NakajimaKaren's Classes
Guitar - classicalLouise SouthwoodLouise's Classes
Guitar - electricJohn WalshJohn's Classes
Music compositionStephen RobbStephen's Classes
Music TheoryKaren Nakajima
Louise Southwood
Karen's Classes
Louise's Classes
PianoCheryl Carruthers
Garth Preston
Jen Lewin
Karen Nakajima
Stephen Robb
Suzanne Klukas
Cheryl's Classes
Garth's Classes
Jen's Classes
Karen's Classes
Stephen's Classes
Susan's Classes
SaxophoneStephen RobbStephen's Classes
Trombone & TubaKris BowermanKris' Classes
TrumpetKaren Nakajima
Kris Bowerman
Karen's Classes
Kris' Classes
ViolaJohn LittlejohnJohn's Classes
ViolinJohn Littlejohn
Julia Lattimer
Sarah Westwick
John's Classes
Julia's Classes
Sarah's Classes
VoiceCarole Davies
Jen Lewin
Natasha Neufeld
Tracy Neff*
Carole's Classes
Jen's Classes
Natasha's Classes
Tracy's Classes

* Tracy Neff is not participating in the early registration for the Sep 2020 – Jun 2021 semester. Stay tuned to this site. We will provide an updated schedule for her as soon as it is available.

The following table lists the instrument(s) that each of our great instructors teach.

Bo Peng- Cello
Brad Muirhead- Jazz Ensemble*
Carole Davies- Voice
Cheryl Carruthers- Piano
Garth Preston- Piano
Jen Lewin- Piano
- Voice
Jen Lewin
John Littlejohn- Violin
- Viola
John Walsh- Electric Guitar
- Bass
- Double bass
Julia Lattimer- Violin
Karen Nakajima- Piano
- Trumpet
- Flugelhorn
- Music theory
Kris Bowerman- Trombone
- Trumpet
- Tuba
Louise Southwood- Classical Guitar
- Music theory
Natasha Neufeld- Voice
Richard (Rick) Klemm- Drums
- Percussion
Sarah Westwick- Violin
Stan Taylor- Drums
- Percussion
Stephen Robb- Clarinet
- Piano
- Saxophone
- Music composition
Suzanne Klukas- Piano
Tracy Neff- Voice

* Brad Muirhead doesn’t just teach one or a couple of instruments. His interests lie in how a collection of instruments sound together, specifically in the jazz gendre.