DCMS announcement list

Welcome to the DCMS Announcement subscription list.  You will receive emails from this list if you meet either of the following criteria:

  1. your email is registered as being the official email of one of our students for the current school year, and is the one the school uses to communicate with you,  or
  2. you have added you email voluntarily to our school mailing list to learn more about the school , school news, concerts and events.

Due to the new anti-spam laws in Canada, this is the only way now we can send mass emails to our own student body here at the school, our email server limits the number of emails we can send from the school office in the ways that we once did, even though we generally are only communicating with our own students and families!

If you are a student and you unsubscribe to this list, you may miss out on hearing about what is happening at the school.

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